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Castrol Engine oil 20W-50 - 1 liter

Castrol Engine oil 20W-50 - 1 liter

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Castrol Engine oil 20W-50 - 1 liter
Castrol GTX has been helping to extend engine life for over 50 years.  It has evolved to meet the needs of consumers and vehicle manufacturers since 1968 and continues to innovate and remain a trusted brand today.


Severe driving conditions such as heavy traffic, poor fuel quality, harsh driving conditions and exceeding oil change intervals can all cause the build-up of a thick, tar like substance called sludge.


Sludge can block your engine’s vital oilways like cholesterol and if untreated, can rob an engine of its power and ultimately its life.


Castrol GTX Double Action formula cleans away old sludge and protects against new sludge formation better than tough industry standards*.
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