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Brand: ميشلان
The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre for drivers who demand high performance and precision handling on track. MICHELIN's high performance track and road tyre High levels of steering precision and handling Excellent grip and control Designed for longevity and track enduran..
S.R 1,653.13
Ex Tax: S.R 1,437.50
Brand: ميشلان
The high performance SUV tyre Premium SUV tyre with robust design for dynamic handling, MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 engineered for braking performance on wet roads and longevity. MICHELIN high performance SUV summer tyre Acclaimed by premium car manufacturers[1] High..
S.R 1,388.63
Ex Tax: S.R 1,207.50
Brand: ميشلان
This new tyre takes advantage of the MICHELIN PILOT SPORT TECHNOLOGIES providing control and stability even at high speed while also meeting your expectations in terms of safety and durability with performances made to last. The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S road and occasional track ..
S.R 2,446.63
Ex Tax: S.R 2,127.50
Brand: دنلوب
The GRANDTREK ST30 features an asymmetrical pattern that ensures a long life and riding comfort...
S.R 449.19
Ex Tax: S.R 390.60
Brand: نيكسن
The tread blocks of Nexen NFera RU5 tires are built for enhancing stability and control at high speeds for safety and performance. The tire tread pattern is designed for dispersing water for eliminating chances of hydroplaning. The micro-grooves provide the biting edge needed for direct ..
S.R 869.40
Ex Tax: S.R 756.00
Brand: نيكسن
Dual block - Prevents gravel from being caught Staggered center rib - Biting edges on off roads Micro grooves - Enhanced traction performance Wide shoulder block - Enhanced handling performance..
S.R 654.95
Ex Tax: S.R 569.52
Brand: نيكسن
Zigzag Lateral Groove Design- Provides stable driving by dispersing load and pressureOptimized Groove & Sipe angle- Enhances block stiffness and provide even wearIdeal Groove and Sipe Design- Strengthens driving performance in any conditionLongitudinal Semi Groove- Enhances grip in cornering and..
S.R 623.07
Ex Tax: S.R 541.80
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